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Sushi to Go Fast Food Plates by Vinnie Longo


Do you love Sushi but do not have the perfect way to serve it? Vinnie Longo of Sao Paulo Brazil may have cooked up the perfect answer. His Sushi To Go Fast Food Plates are a sensational idea created from small ceramic plates and carved wooden trays. The trays are designed to hold each of the small plates used for serving sushi and sides. The plates combined with the trays create the shape of a fish with the bowls appearing as its skeleton.

The design is both highly functional and great looking. The bowls, plates and trays stack for easy storage, but provide the perfect serving system for a great Sushi dinner. Vinnie Longo is featuring this design on Behance, but currently is not offering them for sale, but you should watch closely because interest levels are running high.



Via Behance