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Tephra Formations Furniture by Robert Stadler

tephra formations by robert stadler

This furniture makes you wonder what designer Robert Stadler does on vacation. Tephra formations in nature are created by the violent eruptions of volcanoes. The molten rocks plummet to the earth smashing to the ground and cooling into incredible designs. Robert Stadler’s furniture is based on those awesome shapes and designs. Looking closely at the furniture you can imagine the molten lave coalescing into these forms. The flowing bottoms to the couch and foot stools. The soft edges look as if the were molten and then slowly cooled. Even the tufted design reminds us of the porous stone that is created from a volcanic eruption.

The only eruption caused by this furniture will be from the ooh’s and ah’s as people see the pieces. They look fantastic and are probably amazingly comfortable with the flowing designs.

tephra formations by robert stadler

Via DeZeen and Robert Stadler