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Tetrad Modular Shelving by Brave Space Design

tetrad modular shelves

Do you love the game tetris? You watch those variable shaped pieces falling faster and faster. You keep flipping the pieces trying to get them to fit. The multiple colors add to the fun. The Tetrad Modular Shelving is just as much fun. You get the same shapes you love in Tetris, plus you get to flip them, rotate them, play with them, and decide how you want your shelving unit to come together. The variable colored metal backs give you the additional fun of making color patterns. It almost feels like you are playing Tetris on your wall as you setup your Tetrad Modular Shelving and make your own creative statement.

The shelves start off at $1315, depending on the size and other variable you can choose on the Brave Space Design site.

Via Brave Space Design