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The CalypsoCase – A Phone Case Built with Passion

Best iPhone 4 Case - CalypsoCase

The CalypsoCase is no ordinary iphone 4 case.  It is designed to work the iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, and HTC lines of phones.  The case is created with extreme precision which comes for the passion of the young start-up company out of Slovenia in Europe. The cases are created out of leather, but in a very unique way. The pieces are cut with laser precision and then the two halves bonded with a center metal ring. This allows the CalypsoCase to have no wrinkles or ridges in the corners like most stitched phone cases.

The case is designed to be extremely rugged to protect your fragile phone from drops and scratches.  The CalypsoRing is made out of only four choices of metal: silver, black silver, gold, or platinum.

The product is being funded through a CKIE Project.  Anyone contributing $70 to become a special backer will receive a CalypsoCase 2 weeks before product launch with their name laser engraved into the case.  After the product launch the cases will sell for a retail price of $129.00.