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The Climbing Light by Black and Blum

climbing light

Think back to great scenes in Sci-Fi movies. Picture those creepy over-sized bugs scurrying up the walls, flying across the room, and then sucking your brains out. Reality is about to bring that feeling to you every single day. The Climbing Light by Black + Blum is an excellent reproduction of a large insect with glowing body and wickedly glowing whipping tale. This eerie looking light add as touch of amazement to your room. You will get a few grins of satisfaction as you watch people do a double take when you turn on the light and they notice you have a killer insect in the room.

Amazingly, this cool light retails for only $28. Dads, we highly recommend installing these lights in your children’s room and then reading them horrific stories of blood sucking bugs. Terrifying our children is a man’s job.

Via Black+Blum