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The Scroll Bookshelf

best bookshelf: the scroll bookshelf

Everyone has books lying around their house and sometimes we just don’t know how to properly stack them up. Designers, Xin-Hung Lin, Pei-Yi Chiu, Chia-Rung Shu, and Wung-Bing Lin have come together to bring us The Scroll Bookshelf. This is one of the most basic ways of managing your books in a tidy fashion. This bookshelf is made out of a metal sheet covered with a plastic sleeve and two sturdy end-rolls. Unfurl the sheet and you now have a bookshelf. The ends also have a neat little compartment to store those pens you have lying around your desk.

best bookshelf: the scroll bookshelf1

book shelvs: the scroll bookshelf2

book shelvs: the scroll bookshelf3

via YankoDesign