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This Cylindrical Stove Burns Whole Trees So You Can Stop Chopping Logs


Do you spend the spring, summer, and fall cutting wood, chopping it into proper lengths, and then splitting it to prepare for next winter. We have some advice. Stop it. The Spruce Stove eliminates the need for all of that extra cutting to size and splitting that eats away all your free time. Instead, you just put the entire log on the feed rack and start burning it end to end. You can put an entire tree trunk up on the rack and keep the house toasty warm all day by feeding it in as required. The Spruce Stove uses an opening that works like a camera shutter to clamp the log in place and keep the fire and sparks safely inside.

The Spruce Stove can completely change the way you heat your home and use your free time. You can learn more about the stove and get pricing by contacting the company through their website.

spruce stove


Via DorNob and Spruce Stove on Wix