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This Minimal Coffee Table Becomes a Dining Room Table in Seconds


Men like things simple, maybe not all of us, but most of us. We like rugged furniture. We like less, rather than more when it comes to design. This minimal coffee table provides us with a multitude of things we like. It starts with the rugged wood design. The natural wood looks incredible, rich, and rugged. The second feature that excites is its ability to transform into a full sized dining room table in moments. With just a couple quick unfolding motions, you have a table that comfortably seats six adults. The table still has all the features we love, simplicity, ruggedness, and natural wood. You do not waste money on buying both a coffee table and dining room table, instead you have one item that serves both purposes and takes up half the space.

The table is built for Duffy of London and sells for around $1300.





Via Airows and Duffy of London