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Trebuchet Toaster – Ready, Aim, Eat

Trebuchet Toaster

Do you remember all the times your mother told you to quit playing with your food?  Well now you have the perfect excuse to start again, the Trebuchet Toaster.  This is one of the best gift ideas for men who need an adventure at their breakfast table.

With the Trebuchet Toaster you set the angle of the toaster, dial in the right force, and then let your toast cook and finally shoot across the table to land on your plate.  If you did not get your calculations right your toast is laying on the table or was just snatched up by the dog gleefully waiting on the floor. The fun of the toaster is not the only reason to grab one.  Along with the fun the toaster simply looks awesome.  This is just one of the cool brunch items from the clever minds at Ivovos.

Via Ivovos