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The Hidden Chopsticks – Two-In-One Design by Hashikura Matsukan


There are many different style on the market. Traditional chopsticks, decorated chopsticks, chopsticks made from exotic materials, and more. These new chopsticks from chopstick manufacturer Hashikura Matsukan, may be our favorite of all time. As you can see from the attached pictures, the set of chopsticks combine together into one traditional sized chopstick for placing in your pocket. The pair are cut with a spiral pattern that allows them to interlock easily and just as easily be taken apart when you are ready to eat.

The design offers one other distinct advantage for chopstick newbies, too. The spiral design will hook noodles and vegetables with greater ease meaning you will not starve while learning to use your chopsticks.  It always surprises us when such a simple eating utensil can suddenly have such a dramatic new twist that is both useful and artistic.

Kamiai Chopsticks



Rassen Chopsticks





Via Toxel and Matsukan