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Ubiquitous – Working In World Class Style


There are cool offices to work in almost every major city, but Ubiquitous is about to turn up the heat on your “perfect office” desires. Ubiquitous is a communications agency in the UK who helps clients like Bacardi, Bentley, and Princess communicate their brand stories, their messages, and their product news to the world. If creative surrounding help inspire creativity, then Ubiquitous may be the most creative firm in the UK. Most of us dread the idea of shared desk spaces, but when you see the wooden work spaces, wood walls, the leather sofa for relaxing, the beautiful lighting, and the bike hanging on the wall, you change your opinion. Even in a busy office, you have the feel of working in the finest home office in the world.

The sign on the stairs reads “Magic & Meaning” which may be a message to their clients, but is the reality of working in their gorgeous offices.




Via Airows and Ubiquitous