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United States Bookshelf

united states bookshelf

The United States Bookshelf could be a fun addition to the home of any true patriot or book lover. This is not a tiny bookshelf. The creation is 225″ across, 135″ tall, and nearly 16″ deep. Do not plan on mounting this on a wall which is not extremely sturdy. Just be itself the bookshelf is very heavy, but then imagine the weight once you fill it with books, magazines, and your collectibles.

This cool bookshelf is a creation of Ron Arad and is built from stainless and Corten steel. The craftsmanship required to build this amazing piece of functional artwork is amazing. All of the careful bends, cutouts, and contours would take hours of painstaking work.

The bookshelf is available through the Timothy Taylor Gallery, but as you might expect, no price is listed. Ron Arad is well known for his artistic and innovative home furnishing ideas. You can view a larger list of his works through the gallery. Imagine having a pair of his interesting chairs pulled up in front of this amazing USA bookshelf.