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Wall of Sound iPod Speaker

wall of sound ipod speakers

Who in their right mind would want an iPod Speaker with 28 elements and weighs more than 100 kilos. Yes, this speaker system for your tiny iPod or iPhone weighs in at a whopping 224 pounds. If you are a music lover who wants their music loud, really loud, then you are exactly the person who will be interested in the Wall of Sound from Brothers.The speakers it 950mm tall, 1250mm wide, and 300mm deep.  That translates to 37″H x 53″W x 12″ D. This is the most massive speaker you can buy for your iPod. Size is not the only thing big. The speaker has an imposing 125 watts of power and an impressive response of 40Hz to 20,000khz.

If you have ever dreamed of getting big concert hall reproduction out of your tiny iPod you need to take a look at the Wall of Sound. You do not want to delay on checking into this monster sound system. The first generation of the speaker sold out rapidly and the second generation will move just as quickly even at a retail price of $4,495.

You can get further specification or order a set through the Wall of Sound site.