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23K Gold Bacon

23k edible gold bacon

We always claim everything is better with bacon on it, but how do you make bacon better? Well, if you ask the Bacon Gourmets at the Baconery in New York they have a rich answer for you. You just sprinkle a little 23K gold dust on the bacon. No, that is no joke. They took world class bacon and sprinkled real 23K edible gold dust on it and you can buy it for yourself, or for your dad for Father’s Day.

Imagine the strange look you would get from your father if you grilled up the perfect bacon wrapped filet and then placed that extra 23K gold piece of bacon beside it. It is just a small way to show him how much you appreciate all of the guidance, smacks, and love he gave through the years. Grab your Golden Bacon now for $39.99.

Via Beast and Baconery