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3D Printed Objects Made Out of Sugar

3d printed objects sugar lab

3D printing may be redefining manufacturing, innovation, and design, but what does it have to do with our sweet tooth? Take a journey into the wild world of the Sugar Labs and find out just how “sweet” 3D printing has become. Instead of printing with plastics, polymers, metals, and other normal 3D printing materials, they turned their focus to sugar and the results are doubly sweet. Their creations are nothing short of fantastic. Sophisticated geometric designs appear out of the lab on a daily basis that defy logic. Every piece is made from sugar and have the appearance of fine artistic sculptures.

What is the point? This husband and wife team started off with the idea of creating a simple sugar topper for a friends cupcake treats and the idea blossomed into a real business. Their creations are sought out by cake decorators, chefs, and other decorators. Now that is sweet way to start a business that combines fun, vision, and sugar.







Via Sugar Lab