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Bad Boy Vodka by Dennis Rodman

bad boy vodka dennis rodman

Do we need to say anything more? When you combine Vodka and Dennis Rodman, there is only one thought that should pass through every man’s mind, “I gotta see this!” Rodman is our favorite Bad Boy from NBA history. His wild antics, tougher than you, and eccentric personality made him one of the most admired, despised, and followed players to hit the courts. When he teamed up with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, they became the most dominant force to step onto a basketball court in history. Now our favorite Bad Boy is heading out on a new venture. He wants to bring his party attitude to your home or bar with his Bad Boy Vodka. If there is one thing we can be sure about, Dennis knows what a good vodka tastes like and his Vodka is sure to be top-notch.

Watch for Bad Boy Vodka to hit the retail shelves before the end of July for around $20 per bottle. Now that is a bargain to join the Dennis Rodman Bad Boy society.

Via Werd and Bad Boy Vodka