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Beer So Smart it Has Brains Brewed Right In, Real Brains

walking dead zombie beer

Ever worried a Zombie would eat  your brains out if you were too drunk to run away? Ok, maybe you only thought that after that one too many beers. The Dock Street Brewing Company in West Philly has got your back, or should I say they have the brains? Their wickedly zombie-ish brew, the Dock Street Walker, has real brains brewed right into the beer. No, not human brains, that would be far too sinister to get approval for sale. They opted for a more acceptable alternative, goat brains. Yes, seriously, they brew their Dock Street Walker beer with goat brains as one of the ingredients. Are you daring enough to be a beer drinking brain swilling zombie?

It is unlikely your local liquor store is going to have this sinister beer, but you should ask anyways. After all, how often do you get a chance to kill brain cells with an ice cold glass of beer while drinking brain cells at the same time?

Via Dock Street Brewing Company