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CaJohn’s Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Puree

trinidad scorpion pepper puree

Check your fire extinguisher. Make sure your freezer is filled with ice and you have a couple of pitcher of ice water in the refrigerator. Once you have those precautions out of the way, go ahead and drip one or two drops of this wicked licked fire into a bowl of chili or a your big bowl of salsa. CaJohn’s Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Puree uses only two ingredients. The intensely hot 1.4 million Scoville Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, and just enough vinegar to make sure they don’t spoil on the bottle. This puree is so hot it even includes a warning to use it with extreme caution, and they are not joking.

If you love your food hot, or are looking to light a fire in someone mouth who claims to love hot foods, the CaJohn’s Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Puree will get the job done. Just remember, notify your local fire department before consuming. They may be seeing smoke rising from your home in just a few moments as your mouth lights on fire. Available on Amazon for $16.35.

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