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The Handcrafted Flavor of Crown Royal XO Whiskey

crown royal xo

Many people envision a shot of whiskey as a burning delight ripping down their throat, but not with Crown Royal XO. This latest blend from Crown Royal is one of the smoothest and best tasting whiskeys to pass over a man’s tongue. XO is created by blending over 50 of Crown Royals finest whiskeys to produce a smoothness and flavor that is unmatched, and just beginning. After the blending process, the whiskey is stashed away in cognac barrels for additional aging. The barrels add even greater smoothness and impart a mixture of vanilla, spice, and dried fruit flavors into the whiskey.

To enhance the experience, the blend is then bottled in an amazing glass bottle, wrapped in a velvet bag, and tucked away in a classic black and gold box. This is the blended whiskey you want  to seal a million dollar deal, or to remind you that your really are the king of the world.

Via Uncrate and Crown Royal