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Daneson Flavored Toothpicks

daneson toothpicks

Are you a toothpick chewer like dozens of movie stars, hip hop artists, and tough guys around the world? If you are not, you might wonder what all the fuss is about chewing toothpicks. If you grabbed a set of Daneson Toothpicks you are going to quickly understand the addiction many men and some women have for chewing. Daneson uses only top quality birch wood to make their toothpicks and then flavor them with incredible flavors like CinnaMint, Lemon, Smoked, Single Malt Scotch, and others.

Daneson Toothpicks come packaged in small vials designed to seal in the flavors. Vials of 12 toothpicks start at $19.99. Next time you see someone with a big grin on their face while they chew their toothpick, you may know exactly why. It is probably a Denison.



Via If Its Hip Its Here and Daneson