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Electric Peanut Butter Maker

electric nut butter maker

Nostalgia Electrics is one of our favorite companies. They keep churning out devices we may not need, but we really love. This time they have come up with an electric peanut butter and nut butter maker that will make you think store purchased peanut butter tastes terrible. The nut butter maker is easy to use. Your drop in your choice of nuts, a little oil, and turn the machine on. In a few moments you have fresh peanut butter, almond butter, or hazelnut butter. You can even experiment adding chocolate, jellies, or other sweeteners and spices to make unique flavors. Homemade nut butters make great gifts to share with friends, if you can resist not eating it all yourself.

The Electric Peanut Butter Maker from Nostalgia Electric sells on Amazon for $29.99.

Via Amazon