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Gout de Diamants, Most Expensive Bottle of Champagne in the World

gout de diamants

What makes this bottle for Gout de Diamants the most expensive bottle of champagne in the world. Let us start off with a clue. It is not what is inside the bottle. The bottle is what makes this bottle of champagne hit a price of $1.2 million dollars. Gout de Diamants replaced their traditional crystal logo plate with a solid white gold plate, that starts the price change. The next factor is the 19 carat diamond mounted in the center of the label. This is the defining piece that makes this Nigerian special the most expensive bottle of champagne on the market.

Now, before you get your hopes destroyed, we should tell you, a standard bottle of Gout de Diamants sells for a measly $250,000. Is that more in your price range? Just in case you wondered, the Champagne is considered excellent, just remember not to throw the bottle away.

gout de diamants

gout de diamants

Via Born Rich and Gout de Diamants

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