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Hot Chocolate On A Stick

hot chocolate on a stick

We know the temperature is rising but that is no reason to quit drinking hot chocolate, especially when it is this good and fun. Hot Chocolate on a Stick is a creation from PopBar that you are going to love. No more cooking on the stove to get perfect hot chocolate. No more substandard powder mixes. You can create the perfect cup of hot chocolate by lazily stirring a stick in a steamy cup of hot milk.

PopBar puts a delicious piece of fast melting chocolate on the end of a traditional¬†Popsicle¬†stick. You can choose from several flavors of chocolate including dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate. Grab your cup of hot milk and start stirring. In just a few moments you will see the milk turn color and smell the incredible aroma from the chocolate. Hot Chocolate on a Stick is a perfect accompaniment to your S’More sandwiches this summer.

hot chocolate on a stick

Via PopBar