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Instant Regret Naga Chilli Vodka

instant regret vodka

Having a sip of vodka to take the chill off at a tailgate party is just common place, but now you can kick that chill back to North Pole. Instant Regret Naga Chilli Vodka tips the scales as the hottest vodka on the market. When you pour a shot of this killer beverage, you better get a fire extinguisher ready. Instant Regrets warns you will be sipping in 100,000 Scoville units of heat. Actually, the vodka does not hit 100K of heat, but it is wickedly hot due to the bud burning 100,000 Scoville extract they add to every bottle.

Does it taste great? So far Instant Regrets has found no volunteers, aka victims, that have been able to report on the taste amid their delighted screams from the fiery after burn. We are just waiting to see if this is the real cure to the common cold, because what virus could possibly survive the Vodka and fire? You can grab a bottle for under $50 from Firebox.

Via The Awesomer and Firebox