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Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Chocolate Bar

Jack Daniels Whiskey Chocolate Bar

You come home from work feeling a  little stressed. You try to decide whether you want to soothe the stress with a bit of chocolate, or to knock it out with a shot of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. Why not do both in one bite? The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Chocolate Bar is a rich Swiss Milk Chocolate but hidden in the center is Jack Daniel’s Whiskey syrup, an 8.5% alcohol content syrup with all of that great JD taste. You will never get drunk snacking on a few pieces of this chocolate, but it will sure help take the edge off your stress and your hunger at the same time.

The Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Chocolate bars are even reasonably priced at just $9.99 for a 100 gram bar on Amazon. They make a perfect gift for yourself, or for any other Jack Daniels lover in your family.

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