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Limited Edition Star Trek Wines with Artwork by Juan Ortiz

star trek wine

Calling all Trekkies, you need to move fast. Viansa Winery from Sonoma has teamed us with Juan Ortiz to create an incredible series of wines labeled with poster artwork from Juan Ortiz. The labels features posters from “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “Mirror Mirror”, and the “Trouble with Tribbles”.

Wine has an important role in many Star Trek episodes and plays a role in many of our lives, but if you want combine the two you need to move really fast. The wines are available on a pre-order basis right now. If you do not hurry they will all be gone. These fascinating bottles and wine are available in single bottles, sampler packs, half cases, and full cases with prices starting at $24.99.



Via If Its Hip Its Here and Vinport