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Macallan M Arguably The Finest Single Malt Scotch Whisky Ever Produced

macallan m single malt

Macallan is famous for their fine scotch whisky offering a variety of aging lengths ranging from a few years old to 57 years old and more, but their finest scotch has no date listed on the bottle. The Macallan M is a blended scotch that created by their master blender, Bob Dalgarno, who picks and chooses the finest barrels of scotch in storage to create  a flavor unlike any other. The scotch is deeper in color, richer in taste, and exquisitely smooth. Scotch that is over 70 years old has been blended with newer barrels all aged perfectly in their casks.

The blend is then bottled in a fine crystal decanter in very limited quantities. Only 1750 bottles of Macallan M will be produced this year, with only 355 bottles going to the USA. What is the price for this masterpiece of Scotch? Would you believe $4500 per bottle?


Via Robb Report and Macallan