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Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker

margaritaville mixed drink maker

Bartenders are about to become very jealous of your party setup. The Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker lets you setup 4 different drink mixes at one time and let your guests dispense their own drinks. Do you want to liven the party up a little more? Just challenge everyone to play Roulette. They punch a button and the Margaritaville randomly fills their glass with a delicious concoction.

The Margaritaville dispenser does not limit your choices either. You can change drink mixes and spirits at any time during the party. Think how much more fun you can have with a self-service drink machine rather than you spending all evening mixing and filling drinks for everyone. You can actually enjoy your own party for a change. The Margaritaville is available from Amazon for $299.95. You might want to talk to a few of your neighborhood grillin’ buddies. Most likely they would all love to have access to this machine for their next big BBQ.

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