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Jaw-Dropping: Oreo Churros Are About To Officially Be A Thing

Oreo churros

Who can forget those fantastic snack times as a kid? We sat down with our Oreo cookies and a glass of milk and life was perfect. As we got a little older our tastes changed, not completely, as we graduated to more adult snacks like churros, those delicious Spanish donut sticks that ooze with flavor. Imagine if you combined Oreo cookies and the Churro to create a treat that was chocolaty and as decadent as a Churro. According to rumors this sinister plan to add inches to our waistlines is preparing to hit the store shelves in the near future.

Oreo Churro’s will change Oreo’s from being a cold cookie into a wonderfully warm treat, just like a fresh Churro. There is no official announcement for when the product will release.