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Pizza Cone Making Set

pizza cone making set

Ice cream cones are evil to your diet. What about Pizza Cones? Think about all that goodness hidden inside your own homemade pizza cone. Mine would be filled with mozarella, a little cheddar, pepperoni, peppers, onions, and a couple slices of jalapeno. How could that possibly be bad for you?

While the Pizza Cone Making Set from Pizza Craft might not be the best choice for your diet, it is the best choice to satisfy your hunger for a pizza delight. The kit comes with two backing cones, two racks for baking your filled cone, and the recipes to help you feed your hunger. This is a treat that is perfect to share with kids. Bake up the cones, let them pack them with their favorite ingredients, and get hot and bubbly. You can order your set for $25.

pizza cone making set

Via PizzaCraft