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Rare 50-Year Old Glenfiddich Single-Malt Whiskey

50 year glenfiddich

What is the rarest thing you have ever sipped? If you ever get the opportunity to sip a glass of this rare Scotch Whiskey you are in for a real treat. The 50 years of aging have smoothed and mellowed the scotch to make it one of the finest sipping whiskeys ever produced. The light vanilla toffee flavor and gentle smoke tantalize the tongue. What are your odds of tasting this amazing whiskey? Glenfiddich releases only 50 bottles of this magical elixir every year. Don’t worry, if you fail to strike gold on getting a sip of 50-Year old scotch, Glenfiddich sells scotch aged for 21, 30, or 40 years that are nearly as smooth and tantalizing to your palate.



Via Robb Report and Glenfiddich