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Serengeti Tea with Disposable Diffuser

serengeti tea company

Imagine the best hot tea or coffee you have ever tasted and then imagine it being so easy to make that it brings a smile to  your face. The Serengeti Tea Company has created something truly magical. Using their exceptional tea and coffee blends and a unique diffuser, they have created a remarkable series of hot beverages you can make any time you have hot water without a lot of fuss and mess. You can enjoy exciting flavors like Pomegranate White Tea, Earl Grey, or the delightful Ruby Raspberry. If your tastes are more oriented to coffee, you can try the Jamaica Blue Mountain that comes bundled in the same foil disposable diffuser.

The diffuser even doubles are you r stirring spoon. Once you have steeped and stirred, just toss it away and enjoy some of the finest tea and coffee to slide over your lips.

Via Serengeti Tea