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S’More to Love S’More Maker

smore to love smore maker

It is time to beef up your BBQ dessert skills with the S’More to Love S’More Maker. You can go from standing over the grill with a plate filled with Graham crackers and chocolate while you hold a stick over the fire roasting a couple marshmallows at a time, to creating 6 finished products in the same amount of time.

The S’More to Love S’More Maker is a six section basket that lets you put together your S’Mores and then bake them in your grill on the stove or in your oven. The chocolate stays in place, the Grahams stay centered, and the ooey gooey goodness is prepared fast. You can even use the basket in the dead of winter to prepare S’Mores in your oven while you prepare the Hot Chocolate. No more kids, or adults, standing around whining they want the next S’More, because the next one is six ready to eat S’Mores. The basket sells for approximately $15.

smore to love smore maker

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