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Snake Venom, The World’s Strongest Beer from Brewmeister


WARNING, just reading about this beer could leave you feeling woozy, tipsy, or drunk. Yes, Snake Venom beer is almost that strong. Normal strong beers tout their power at less than 10% ABV, but Snake Venom Beer from Brewmeister has shattered the world record with a staggering 67.5% ABV. This is not a one-off beer, but a real beer Brewmeister brews regularly using alcohol enhancing ingredients like smoked peat malt, beer yeast, and champagne yeast. Surprisingly, the beer still tastes like beer, but with a stronger alcohol taste and a kick you will never forget. Remember, drinking a single 12 ounce can of Snake Venom provides as much alcohol as 10 high-impact beers hitting 6.75% ABV.

Snake Venom may never be your daily brew, but when you want to sample a beer with more kick than scotch, brandy, vodka, or tequila, Brewmeister is ready to deliver.

Via Brewmeister