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Sriracha Lip Balm

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Sriracha Lip Balm

That wonderful burn. You just cannot get enough of that spicy heat that comes from Sriracha Sauce from Thailand. It is the sizzle you crave when you eat Thai food and goes great on so many things. You can have the great flavor around the clock with the Sriracha Rooster Sauce Lip Balm and collaborative creation of The Oatmeal and our bacon loving friends at J&D’s, the creators of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise. Just lube up your lips with the balm, fill the tingle, and notice the heat spread to your tongue as you tongue slides across your lips. Will the Sriracha remedy any ills, give you better health, or provide some other miraculous result? Of course not, it just makes you salivate with the desire to head to your favorite Thai restaurant to fill your stomach.

You can order the Sriracha Rooster Sauce Lip Balm through either The Oatmeal or J&D for around $4.

ViaThe Oatmeal and J&D