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Sriracha Vodka by UV Vodka

sriracha vodka

UV Vodka is well-known for their tasty version of vodka including pink lemonade, citrus, salty watermelon, and now the hottest (literally) vodka on the market, Sriracha Vodka. This wickedly red brew is laced with real Sriracha flavors to create a vodka that is peppery hot, but tamed just enough to be drinkable on the rocks. Imagine firing up your Bloody Mary with UV Vodka’s Sriracha Vodka. That touch of extra fire will help cure that hangover in a moment, while tempting you to enjoy a second Bloody Mary at the same time.

If you love Sriracha sauce, then you will love this new flavor from UV Vodka. Start watching for it on liquor store shelves now so you can see for yourself that the Sriracha burn is truly stronger than the 30% ABV burn of the vodka.

Via Cool Material and UV Vodka