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Sriracha2Go – Packing The Heat Anywhere You Go


It is irritating how few restaurants and vendors understand our passion for Sriracha. We do not just want it at home or in our favorite Thai restaurant. We want it all the time. French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, soups, and hundreds of other foods can be made incredibly better with just a few drops of Sriracha. Who is going to run around with a bottle of Sriracha in their briefcase or handbag to make sure they never miss out on this magical elixir? You are. Sriracha2Go is a small plastic bottle for Sriracha that comes complete with a handy clip so you can hook it onto your belt loop, a purse strap, or even onto your laptop case. It is seals securely enough that you can even drop it in your pocket and never worry about it leaking.

If you are a Sriracha addict, then Sriracha2Go makes perfect sense to you. You can grab one for $7, or treat all your friends with a 10 pack for just $35. Just don’t forget, you’ll need to fill them up with your favorite Sriracha before heading out the door.

Via Sriracha2Go