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Stainless Steel Chicken Leg Cooker Rack

stainless steel chicken leg cooker rack

It would be so cool to cook an entire BBQ full of chicken legs and never have them stick. Imagine having them cook completely and never once turning them over. That is exactly how you cook drumsticks using the Stainless Steel Chicken Leg Cooker Rack from Collections Etc. You just load up the rack with legs, put the entire rack on grill, close the lid, and let those legs smoke, simmer, and cook. In a short time you have perfectly cooked chicken legs.

Picture how much easier it is to paint on your favorite BBQ sauce when you do not have to worry about turning the legs and battling the skin sticking to the grill. It makes cleaning your grill easier, too. Best of all, once they are done cooking you can pick up the entire rack, put it on a tray, and place them on the table. A great way to make your chicken legs the center of attention at the BBQ. Get yours today for just $14.99.

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