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Westward Oregon Malt Whiskey


Aged whiskey is always considered to be better, smoother, richer in flavor, until now. Westward Oregon Malt Whiskey turns the tables on getting old and proves a young whiskey can be just as rich in flavor if it is done right. Westward uses 100% malted barley and a special double pot distilling process to give their whiskey a rich flavor that comes to life in about two years instead of lying around in barrels for 5 plus years. The surprisingly rich flavor is filled with complexities that usually only show up in aged whiskeys.

The golden color hints at the whiskey’s younger age, but its vibrant taste reminds you of the best Irish whiskey you have ever sipped. It proves that while aging is extremely important, quality processes, careful choices in ingredients, and masterful distilling can produce a winning whiskey in just two short years.

Via Uncrate and Westward Whiskey