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Whisky Potato Chips Just In Time for Football Season


It had to happen, or is that FINALLY it happened? Whisky flavored potato chips are starting to hit the shelves just in time for football tailgate season. Actually, the chips are Whisky and Haggis flavored and are the latest flavor offer from Mackies Crisps in the United Kingdom. Sadly, these unique flavored chips are only being sold in the United Kingdom at the moment, but maybe if there is a resounding outcry they will be offered in the US and Canada.

Mackies Crisps is notorious for coming up with unique flavors that may get your taste buds watering or have you turning away. A few of their other cool flavors include, Roast Ham and Sea Salt, Venison and Cranberry, Scotch Bonnet Chili Pepper, and Flame Grilled Aberdeen Beef. You can learn more about their unique flavors on the Mackies Crisps website.

Via Cool Material and Mackies Crisps