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2013 Skateboarding Busenitz Pro by Adidas

adidas skateboarding 2013 fall busenitz pro

The Busentiz line of skateboarding shoes by Adidas includes Vulc and the ADV which are wildly popular with skateboarders, but if you want to go to the extreme, you need to get the new 2013 Skateboarding Busenitz Pro shoes by Adidas. The shoes have a powerful grip supplied by a natural gum rubber sole, the powerful stability of rugged canvas and suede leather upper, and most importantly, the Busenitz signature stripes and style.

When you flip your board and land with these shoes there is no question about grip. The soles cup design grips the board and gives you an instant stop on the board. The shoes are ready to give you all the footwork ability of Busentiz, you just have to supply the talent. Of course, you do not need to be a skateboarder to appreciate these shoes. They look fantastic with a pair of jeans for a night out, too.

Via HypeBeast and Adidas