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Adidas Crazy Light 3

adidas crazy light 3

Our first glance at the wildly colored Adidas Crazy Light 3 had us wondering if the shoes were named Crazy Light because of their colors lit up the world, or what. Once you pick a pair of the shoes up the mystery is gone. These shoes are crazy in their lightweight. The uppers are made from ultra-thin, but strong, man-made materials to keep the shoe feathery light. The soles have a light-weight airy feeling and are also extremely light in weight. The shoe is created to be very stable, with a great grip with the Adidas grip pattern. One of our favorite items in this series is the vast amount of colorways offered by Adidas. If you love a lightweight mid-high sneaker for on or off-court wear, the Adidas Crazy Light 3 is a great option. The ultra lightweight of the shoe makes you feel like you are running with bare feet.

The shoes sell for around $98 in a variety of wild colors.

Via Adidas