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Adidas Originals 4-Bit Hightops

Adidas Originals 4-bit hightops

Adidas has figured out that sometimes the way forward is to take a step backwards.  The Adidas 4-Bit shoes revisit the colors and styles of the original Adidas line-up but give them an updated look and feel.

Their stark white uppers are highlighted by only a tiny touch of black on the shoes.  The shoes have a casual street look perfect for hanging out on the corner or stomping your way through the mall.  They can even hit the local outdoor basketball court for a few shots. 

The 4-Bit shoes sport a very high riding tongue and use 3 strap closures to keep them strapped on tightly.  The perfect shoes to wear loosely for comfort and then rip the straps up tight for a little action.

These simple but cool looking shoes tip the money scales at 72GBP or about 115 US Dollars.

For all you geeks out there, you are absolutely right.  You would expect 4-Bit shoes to be in 16 colors not limited to a 1-bit color palette of just black and white.  Of course, when you can nail a style to perfection in only two colors, why waste more?

Via The Fancy Purchase from Adidas