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Adidas New Snowboarding Boot Collection


A few years ago Adidas produced a single snowboarding boot and then let the idea die. Suddenly, Adidas has jumped into the market with both feet creating a lineup of snowboarding boots and other gear. The boot lineup includes the Blauvelt, Samba, Samba W. The Blauvelt is available in both black and blue. Looking down the list of features on each boot makes it clear that Adidas has not been sitting back ignoring this market, but has been actively researching, testing, and preparing boots designed to be exceptional. They use a combination of Merino Wool and AeroTherm materials to protect the feet from cold. One of the coolest features is an odor neutralizing system that uses recycled coffee grounds to absorb smell.

The Adidas skateboarding lineup includes boots, jackets, and Gore pants to help outfit any snowboarder for an incredible snowboarding season.


adidas snowboarding boots

Via High Snobiety and Adidas