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The Adidas Springblade Drive Shoe Is A Game Changer

adidas springblade drive

Adidas has been our go-to brand for the past 15 years. Starting with their classic shell toe shoe, then their martial art collection and now their incredible Springblade collection. Adidas is a brand that constantly innovates and finds new ways to deliver more power, comfort and energy through their footwear. Their latest design is truly a testament to their brand and what they stand for. Their latest Springblade Drive shoe design features 16 forward angled blades made out of a high-tech polymer. These elastic blades react to any surface, compressing and releasing energy to create a push-off that gives you an impression that you have springs under your feet. With a runner’s foot in mind, the Drive shoe has a flexible construction, built with temperature resistance in mind, provides support and is packed with technology to ensure top performance. This is the 3rd model to launch on the SpringBlade platform, which challenged adidas to bring freshness and excitement.

We will definitely be checking out our local sporting goods store to try on a pair of these!

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