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Adidas Springblade

adidas springblade

As I started writing about the Adidas Springblade, I inadvertently type Sprintblade, or was that a Freudian Slip? The Adidas Springblade is the latest creation from Adidas, a design that took 6 years of testing on the track and in the labs to perfect. The Springblade takes the power of your weight and stride to compress a series of spring loaded blades. As your weight shifts off of that foot, the blades spring your foot upward and forward following the normal path of your stride. The shoes give you a mechanical assist that can reduce fatigue and increase performance. It is one of the most innovative and daring designs in shoes in years. Now the question is, will people love the unusual style or not?

You can learn more about the Springblade shoes or order a pair for $180 on Adidas.



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