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Civic Duty Sneakers

Civic Duty Shoes

Have you ever noticed those big rolls of home insulation plastered with the name Tyvek on their outer surface?   Civic Duty Shoes has take the durable material, which is similar to duct tape, and created a complete new line of shoes. Tyvek comes in a variety of colors and Civic Duty seems prepared to use them all.  You can buy a pair of these cool looking wrinkled shoes for $54 from Civic Duty shoes.

The shoes are left very simple in design and manufacture and are considered ideal for either a man or woman.  Women, don’t get crazy and try to iron out these wrinkles, they are meant to be there. The Tyvek Material from Dupont makes the shoes highly resistant to moisture.  You can trudge around safely even in a day of non-stop rain.

Via Cool Material and Civic Duty Shoes