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Converse Zip High Tops by John Varvatos

Converse by John Varvatos Zip High Tops

Are you ready to hit the stage in 100% Rock Star style?  John Varvatos has hit a home run for Converse with their new collaboration of a Zip High Top. At first glance for a distance the shoes look like a classic Converse black high top.  When you get a little closer it becomes apparent they are very different. It starts off with the fact the uppers are made from black leather.  Not your traditional Converse looking leather, but a little softer look and feel.  The leather uppers are laced up with black leather laces.

Just below, or is that beside, the lace are industrial powered zippers.  The zippers can serve both as an easy way to loosen the shoes, or just serve as a very cool style addition. The mid-sole and soles of the shoe leave no doubt about who makes these shoes.  The soles are 100% Converse in appearance, feel, and performance. While these cool Converse Zip High Tops by John Varvatos will have you looking like a Rock Star, you will not pay like one.  The shoes sell for $145.

Via CoolMaterial, the shoes can be purchased at SSense