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Cookie Monster Hightops from Brass Monki

cookie monster by brass monki customs hightops

Whether you are stepping out to a Hip Hop concert, your local sports bar, or Sesame Street, the Cookie Monster High-Top Sneakers from Brass Monki will keep you in style. With their realistic looking chocolate chip cookies and gobbling Cookie Monster they will catch the attention of kids and have women giggling in delight at your style.

These sneakers do not just look cool, these custom rigs are built for action for Brass Monki. Just because they are a fashion statement does not mean you cannot put them through their paces. The base shoe is not from Brass Monki but is actually a Nike shoe custom hand-painted by their artisans.

Brass Monki is notorious for creating shoes based upon comic book characters, video games, music, and technology. If you are not up to the task of wearing Cookies on your feet then check into one of their other amazing ideas.

The Cookie Monster shoes will have you setting the newest fashion statements in your area. Hopefully you are not in a rush to have a pair on your feet, they take 8 weeks to get your pair, hand painted quality does not come quickly.

You can own a pair of the Cookie Monster Sneakers from Brass Monki for 170 British Pounds.

You can order your pair from Brass Monki.