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Nike ACG Alder Mid Khaki Gamma Green Black Distance Blue

nike acg alder mid

Nike never beats around the bush describing their coolest shoes as you can tell by the long name of this new release of Nike ACG Alder Mid in Khaki-Gamma-Green-Black-Distance Blue. Yes, that is right, this cool mid-high all conditions gear sneaker uses five different colors in an intriguing design which catches attention, but that is far from the best part of the shoe. The ACG designation means this shoe can take you anywhere in any conditions. The uppers and soles are designed to handle hot summer days, streets drenched in rain, and rugged rocky trails. You can slip these sneakers on for a game of basketball, dancing in the street, or dashing cross country.

The rugged Nike ACG Alder Mid is priced at $95 and is offered by The Premier Store.

Via HypeBeast and Premier Store